About Bookish.vn

Bookish.vn is an online literary platform based in Ho Chi Minh city since April 2019, owned by Phuong Nam Bookstore, a trustworthy and popular bookstore chain in Vietnam. With the goal to provide an easy access to publishing industry news and an observant yet entertaining look at modern literature and reading culture, Bookish offers in-depth reviews of classic and contemporary works, recommendations and various takes on social issues.

Most of the articles are written by our editorial staff and collaborators or translated from prestigious international magazines, with full credit and hyperlink referring to the source material.



  • MORNING COFFEE (CAFE SÁNG): Highlight latest news in the publishing world, events or seasonal promotions offered by Phuong Nam Bookstore.
  • BOOK RADIO (RADIO SÁCH): Specialize in literary discussions, including weekly recommendations, in-depth reviews and interviews with authors.
  • AFTERNOON TEA (TRÀ CHIỀU): Discuss popular cultural phenomena and pressing social issues.
  • FICTION: Publish short stories, serial works and book excerpts.
  • WHAT WE ARE READING (CHÚNG TÔI ĐỌC GÌ): Introduce latest books published domestically or internationally.



If you are representing an international magazine and happen to stumble upon your article translated here, please contact us for further discussion. For inquiries—editorial and otherwise—reach us at: bookish@phuongnambook.com